AI for deal accuracy.

OpTonal uses AI to ensure all of your deals are in the right sales stage and helps you get them unstuck.


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Join our clients in improving efficiency and predictability across the sales org.

Automatically Assess All Deals

Give OpTonal your stage criteria and we'll do the rest to ensure every deal is in the correct stage.

If you have qualification criteria or deal checklists, we'll take it to ensure every forecasted deal is real.

Drive More Consistent Performance

Empower your reps to excel by clearly defining what great looks like and effectively measuring performance on every call.

Decrease Get Deals Unstuck

Deals get stuck in a particular stage likely because there's information missing from the previous engagement. Monitor to performance to ensure adoption of best practices earlier reduce deal stall.

AI Sales Observability

Increase efficiency, predictability, and revenue.

Deal Stage Assurance

Verify the accuracy of a deal's sales stage in the pipeline by automatically evaluating its progress against predefined criteria. Drive a more consistent and reliable forecast.

Methodology Adoption

Have you invested in or rolled out a methodology across the team? Certain questions that should be asked or information that should be gathered? OpTonal has you covered.


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