The AI Meeting Notetaker and Sales Assistant for SMBs

OpTonal's AI adapts to your CRM and uses your sales calls to automate updates while letting reps manage all pre & post-meeting admin tasks directly in Slack.

”A game changer to help me be more efficient + save time in the sales cycle.” – Liz M. • Account Executive

Using OpTonal in Slack

Tailored to your sales cycle

Frictionless CRM Updates

After every meeting OpTonal delivers the details you need to update your CRM, completely customized to your company out-of-the-box without a complex workflow setup.

Push to CRM
Insights after every call.
From follow-up emails to the next MEDDIC step, tailored to your team.
Synced with your CRM.
1 click to update your CRM, no trudging through Salesforce required.
Shared with your team.
Keep everyone in the know, from account execs to customer success.

5 out of 5 stars

“I've tried a lot of AI tools & OpTonal is the only one that has stuck. Plugged it right into my work flow. Now when my VP asks how a deal is moving, I can Slack them next steps fast without reviewing the Gong calls. Game changer.”

Garret O.
David F.
Account Executive

A better workflow

Visibility across the team

Closing deals takes a team, and it's easy for details to fall through the cracks. OpTonal makes it simple to keep everyone aligned on deals, from leadership to AEs to CSMs.

”Our sales and customer teams were disconnected. Poor CRM hygiene, ineffective notes, and missing onboarding info. OpTonal gives our teams no excuse not to know everything about a customer’s journey.”

Garret O.
Garrett O.
VP of Sales
Sharing call analysis

Book more calls

Close more deals, faster

Teams use OpTonal to save time on every call and automate the admin work that nobody likes. With more time for more calls, that's more time increasing revenue.

”It's helping me understand key points from the sales meetings… OpTonal has saved me between 30 minutes to an hour of work per day.”

Garret O.
Louis P.
Customer Success
Call insights insights

Trusted by high-volume revenue teams

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“Our giant tech stack wasn’t working together. Reps manually entered Salesforce info & reviewed Gong calls to find results. Now OpTonal automates the entire process. Reps get a Slack ping with call details they need, all without looking at Gong.”

Ben T.
Ben T.
Sales Director

Setup in 60 seconds

With OpTonal there's no long onboarding or complex workflows to set up to get started — connect your tools and we'll get to work giving superpowers to your revenue team.

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Integrate your sales tools.

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