Auto-Populate HubSpot with AI

Documenting notes, action items, and other details from sales calls is incredibly important for sales efficiency. It helps keep you on track for what you’re supposed to do and allows everyone on the team to be aligned on any given deal. Doing this while managing other aspects of your day-to-day role can be challenging, and inefficient.

If you have back-to-back calls or have multiple calls in a day, it takes a lot of work to transfer your notes from a doc to HubSpot or go back to listen to a recording to confirm everything looks good before transferring to HubSpot.

Or digging through a transcript to translate that into notes that you’d input into your Deal fields.

Fortunately, integrating OpTonal with HubSpot can make the process much more streamlined and convenient. OpTonal automates this process by using AI to capture specific key information that you need following any sales call. Think follow-up emails drafted for you, next steps, deal summaries, and key information (users, competition, MEDDICC, BANT, etc.) surfaced without you doing anything on your end.

With the push of a button, you can update any field in HubSpot.

In this post, we’ll walk through the steps to using OpTonal’s Hubspot integration for updating deals, and how it can help up your sales game.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Integration

The first step to using HubSpot integration is to make sure it’s connected inside of OpTonal. > Settings > Integrations > Connect.

Connecting HubSpot

Step 2: Syncing your Deals + Fields

Now that you have your integration up and running, you’ll want to ensure that OpTonal output is mapped correctly to HubSpot. This will ensure that any update you make to OpTonal is simultaneously mirrored to HubSpot - thereby making your sales automation that much more efficient.

Projects > [Select Your Project or Create One] > Settings > More Actions > hit “Sync fields with CRM” (and “Sync Deals with CRM”)

Step 3: Mapping Your OpTonal Outputs to HubSpot Fields

Now that we’ve synced your HubSpot info with OpTonal, we can map the prompts to your Deal fields in HubSpot. Click on the pencil icon next to a prompt in your project and look for the field “CRM field” Start typing your desired Deal field, e.g. “Next Steps”, “Deal Description”, etc. and select the appropriate one for each field. If you need any help, feel free to reach out in the community Slack channel and we’ll get you squared away.

Step 4: Auto-populating Deal Fields

We’re ready to update our Deal fields. Any call that is now automatically imported into OpTonal will be analyzed against the prompts in your project. When the analysis is complete, you’ll receive an update in Slack (more on that in the next step) or in the OpTonal UI.

Step 5: Make it faster with Slack

If you use Slack, you can make the OpTonal experience close to zero effort with no context switching. Turn on the integration in your settings and see updates come through automagically.

HubSpot is a powerful sales tool that’s ubiquitous among sales teams and with OpTonal, you can use AI to take your sales automation and efficiency to the next level.